Blue Dawn Beauties

We are proud to know and work with some really amazing beauties!  They are all gorgeous inside and out, and there is so much more to these gals to be admired and loved.  They are go-getters, trend setters, entrepreneurs, experts, and just over all out-of-this-world amazing ladies.  And it fills my heart to be able to share my passion with these ladies and help keep their outsides as gorgeous as their insides!


Greta Gardner - Blue Dawn Beauty

Greta Gardner

Location: Croatia
Occupation/Amazing Feats: Model, Pinup model, digital marketing expert (with a Masters in history!) 
Links: Greta-gram  Facebook
What Greta likes about Blue Dawn Aromatherapy: " Best natural and organic skincare I have tried! And I will keep using it. All started with face scrub that I tried in US and really loved it. Scrub helped me a lot after lots of traveling when my skin was extra tired + it smells like herbal heaven! I also adore restorative face cream and cucumber & lemon eye cream! Thank You and keep the amazing work with your brand! And I love the peacock logo; your products make me happy"


Marlene Perez - Blue Dawn Beauty

Marlene Perez

Location: Los Angeles
Occupation/Amazing Feats: Singer/musician @ The Rhythm Shakers, full time mom
What Marlene likes about Blue Dawn Aromatherapy: "Restorative Face Scrub makes my skin feel as smooth as my baby’s!"


Cameron McCormick - Blue Dawn Beauty

Cameron McCormick

Location: Los Angeles
Occupation/Amazing Feats: actress and producer 
Links:  IMDB
What Cameron likes about Blue Dawn Aromatherapy: "I think what you're doing is amazing!"



Bernie Dexter - Blue Dawn Beauty

Bernie Dexter

Location: England
Occupation: Model, Fashion Designer
Links: Instagram Facebook
What Bernie likes about Blue Dawn Aromatherapy: "I love the soap with the sea sponge in it! total genius!! Blue Dawn products are innovative and they work!!"



Dawn Shipley - Blue Dawn Beauty

Dawn Shipley

Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Blue Dawn Owner/Founder and formulator, Registered Aromatherapist, Software Engineer, Musician/Singer @ Dawn Shipley & The Sharpshooters
What Dawn likes about Blue Dawn Aromatherapy:
"I am so grateful for the chance to share my knowledge and creations that can help others look and feel great naturally!"