Here are some links to our friends, colleagues, etc:

Cote d’Azur Spa, Pasadena:  Even before becoming an aromatherapist, this was my favorite spa.  I love the staff, services, and atmosphere at Cote d’Azur.  And now you can book an Aromatherapy Session with Dawn at Cote d’Azur!
Debutante Clothing:  I love vintage style, and Debutante Clothing has got great threads!  And they carry Blue Dawn Aromatherapy products!  And it is run by a great woman and friend, Sandra Mendoza.
TheBestWashcloth:  They have great products and a great washcloth!  I know - I formulated the skin care! 
Dry-Line: Seasonal Rinse-Free Handwash. These things smell and feel great! I just may have had a hand in that, too. 
Sedona Aromatherapie:  Sharon is a great writer, teacher and scent blender! I had the honor of taking her Certification in Professional Aromatherapy class.  
Aromatherapy Registration Counsel (ARC): Non-profit stand-alone organization to promote the advancement of aromatherapy research and practice. They offer a comprehensive test of 250 questions focusing greatly on safe use of essential oils to become a registered aromatherapist.  I took the test and am now registered!
National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA):  A great organization for learning about and keeping up with holistic aromatherapy.  I am a member and contributor to the journal.
Tisserand Institute: One of the great resources for essential oil safety and learning. Be sure to check out the free resources tab!
Aromaweb: A great place to learn about all things aromatherapy.
Aroma Culture:  Great magazine for all levels of aromatherapy enthusiasts, learners and educators.
Bow And Crossbones:  Our good friend who makes great vintage reproduction jewelry.  
Dawn Shipley and the Sharp Shooters:  Dawn’s music project.