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What makes Blue Dawn Aromatherapy different than the other all natural brands?

The first notable thing about Blue Dawn is that Dawn is a Registered Aromatherapist™, a studied and tested essential oil/aromatherapy expert.  She formulates all the products with a very logical but intuitive and innovative approach, combining plant material (usually essential oils, but also other forms of flowers, herbs and fruits) based on their properties and scent.  Blends are incorporated into other nourishing ingredients including salts, sugars, and seed/nut oils. 

Why is using all natural products important?

I'm glad you asked!  There are many reasons.  In conventional products you may find many un-natural things, like petroleum products (aka mineral oils, propylene glycol), parabens, formaldehyde (or formaldehyde forming components), and synthetic chemicals.  It helps to reduce one's toxic body burden; all the while providing more nutrients than conventional alternatives.  I could write a lot more in this section, but will save it for blog posts!  

Are your ingredients organic?  

We do use organic ingredients as often as possible, though sometimes we are unable to find a particular ingredient from a reputable vendor in organic form.  We do often prefer wildcrafted, too, which means it was grown in the wild, letting nature take its course.  Somehow that sounds so appealing to me!

Are your products vegan?

While most of our products are vegan, sometimes honey, beeswax and yogurt are used for their unique properties. Check each individual listing for its contents.

Should I be concerned about the life of the product without the use of conventional preservatives?  

We have done extensive research and testing of different natural preservative options.  We fell in love with Caprylhydroxamic Acid GCG™, as it is 100% natural and its ingredients are on Whole Foods Premier Ingredient list.  It is an amino acid (organic compounds that are essential building blocks of life) derived from coconut oil.  It's proven to be a very effective preservative in all our testing.  It has been noted to possibly cause some skin irritation/allergies in some individuals.  And as always, even though we have done extensive testing, life doesn't always remain constant and things don't always go as expected. If your product becomes contaminated, please discontinue use. 

What kind of voodoo do you use in your products?

Yes, we've heard it!  But lol, we don't use voodoo or any dark magic in our products. However, we do believe in energies.  We believe that love and high frequencies make a better world and better products.  I make every product with as much love and intent to help people as possible.