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Dawn Shipley Rodriguez, creator of Blue Dawn Aromatherapy

 photo credits: Tonya Rodriguez Photography

I’ve always been a dreamer, scholar, adventurer and creator - whether it be music, poetry, sewing, cooking, software, photography, aromatherapy or skin care. I have published articles and recipes, released multiple cds, won awards for songwriting, cooking, and skin care, performed with my band in multiple countries to crowds of all sizes and ages, designed and coded complex business software for companies of all sizes, had a clothing line for a while (even made bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding!), contribute photography to some stock photo sites, and now designed scents and products for multiple companies! Plus I’m also a bit of a glamour girl, enamored with vintage fashion, design and music.

And though memories of concocting homemade kitchen skin care with my mom had me dreamy-eyed, it wasn’t until I was on a healing journey that I was able to realize that dream that is Blue Dawn Aromatherapy.

Blue Dawn is a culmination of these different sides of myself brought to life by my somewhat recently gained passion for health, wellness and quality of life. Years ago I found myself overstressed and overcommitted. My body was responding in strange ways, getting sluggish and sore. My armpits felt like they were being poisoned - so sore and achy, so I got a natural deodorant recipe from a cousin, and that began an avalanche of an amazing journey. 

Despite the deodorant recipe flopping for my pits, as did every natural deodorant I tried, I at least became privy to essential oils and the whole wide world of aromatherapy!

At that point I also swore to devote myself to developing the perfect natural deodorant that was powerfully effective but gentle. After 3+ years of perfecting, that idea became Encore - finally something that worked for me without rashes and irritation or soreness!

In my studies, I particularly fell in love with making creams, and it was quickly apparent I had a knack for scent blending and concocting effective formulations; I’m sure partially thanks to my passion for cooking, partially thanks to my very detailed scientific computer brain. Add a touch of that glamour girl with some Art Deco and retro finesse, and voila!

Blue Dawn is still in its infant stages, and chronic illness that became intensely debilitating, and though has eased up some, I'm still learning to live with, has really helped me find my focus and even gain more passion for helping others not only LOOK their very best but also FEEL their very best and really thrive through this day and age where chemicals and toxins are everywhere and more and more people are getting sick with chronic ailments and cancer than ever before, and at younger ages. I have been filled with such purpose to not only get the most out of my life, but to inspire, teach, and create things that can truly enrich other's lives as well.

Much love to you all.

Dawn Shipley Rodriguez, RA

NAHA Level 2 Professional MemberAromatherapy Registration Counsel

My background: I am a graduate of Texas Academy of Math and Science, University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Computer Science, and Sedona Aromatics Certificate in Professional Aromatherapy. 

I'm a Registered Aromatherapist through the Aromatherapy Registration Counsel (ARC), and am a level 2 Professional Member of NAHA

Further Education:

Completion of Tisserand Institute Master Essential Oil Safety Class
Tisserand Institute: Essential Oil Safety Master Class
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Completion of Tisserand Institute EOs for Healthy Skin
Tisserand Institute: Essential Oils For Healthy Skin
blue dawn hummingbird
Chakra Healing Using EOs - Dr Timothy Miller
Chakra Healing Using EOs - Dr Timothy Miller
blue dawn hummingbird
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Sedona Aromatics: Essential Oils in Color: The Caddy Profiles