About Us

I started Blue Dawn Aromatherapy to share my love of essential oils and their benefits with the world.  I feel that nature has a way of providing for and taking care of itself, and that includes us, since we are, in essence, part of nature.  Essential oils are derived from plants, and are one of nature’s many gifts to us.  They have been used for centuries in all parts of the world for health and spiritual well being.  A single essential oil can contain hundreds of chemical components, some of which are replicated by science to give us pharmaceuticals, and some of which have not even been identified yet.  There is a special synergy within an oil (and sometimes between oils) that can only be obtained with the right compounds put together in the right way, which science cannot replicate.  Though I don’t believe in necessarily giving up science and conventional medicine all together, I believe that we can enhance our lives with nature’s gifts, and in doing so, can avoid some exposure to synthetics, leaving us with cleaner, more natural lives.
Not only that, but the aromas of essential oils can work wonders for us.  Aromas are picked up by our sense of smell, which is directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, which plays a large part in our emotions.  A scent can jog a memory or instantaneously bring us a feeling we may not have felt otherwise.
Blue Dawn brings you the opportunity to explore, experience and enjoy essential oils through custom expertly crafted skin care and wellness products, as well as personal consultations and parties.  Consultations can be just a Q&A session, or may come with a custom blend made for one or more specific concerns.  All skin care and wellness products are made with high quality materials and authentic essential oils, with the purpose of providing maximum benefits through minimal processing.  I have designed all products with mature skin in mind, as it’s never too early (or late) to start thinking about caring for our most visible and largest organ.  Thank you for stopping by and for supporting my vision!