Complete Restorative Anti-Aging Set

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Our most hydrating, decadent set, meant to keep skin looking hydrated, healthy and youthful.  The silkiness you will experience is unparalleled! 

Kit contains (click on each product name to see the individual product):

  • Restorative Face Cleanser: Gently cleanse and hydrate. To use: Cleanse twice a day. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes for enhanced hydration (optional).
  • Restorative Face Scrub:  Gentle but thorough, with replenishing ingredients to leave your face feeling supple, soft and deeply hydrated. To use: Exfoliate and receive extra hydration and softening once or twice a week.  Leave on for 15 - 30 minutes for enhanced softening.
  • Restorative Face Cream:  Designed to give you soft, silky, hydrated, radiant and youthful looking skin through the nourishing power of all natural ingredients.  Soaks in quick, and a little goes a long way! To use: Moisturize face and neck twice daily, using a thin layer of cream.  Apply a thicker coat for extra hydration.  

Choice of small or large set:

 Small Large
2 oz cleanser 4 oz cleanser
2 oz scrub 4 oz scrub
2 oz cream 4 oz cream

Each product is also available separately.  See each individual product listing for more details.  


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