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5 Essential Oils For Self Care When Social Distancing

Posted by Dawn Rodriguez on

5 Essential Oils For Self Care When Social Distancing
In these unprecedented times, self care is even more important than ever. Facing a pandemic brings more than just the chance of viral infection but also a slew of unexpected challenges such as overeating, under-exercising, overworking, financial stress, and an array of emotions - sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, grief, depression, insomnia, restlessness, overwhelm, just to name a few. These emotions and other stresses can take a toll and put more strain on our health if not careful.
I have gravitated towards certain essential oils in my approach to gaining/maintaining health through such adversity. Essential oils contain a plethora of chemical compounds which allow them to have multiple benefits supporting a wide array of physical and emotional concerns, making them a versatile and powerful natural ally for supporting overall wellness. I've chosen 5 to share with you that are affordable and versatile enough to mix well and help with many issues people may currently be experiencing, followed by a couple recipes I love. Enjoy and stay well!

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